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Two memoirs on the cesarean operation. by Baudelocque, Jean Louis, 1745-1810 Publication: Manchester Sowler & Russell 1801 . vii, 9-239 pages, 6 folding plates 22cm Holdings:
Urethro-vaginal and vesico-vaginal fistules: by Bozeman, Nathan, 1825-1905 Publication: Montgomery Barret & Wimbish 1857 . pp.60, ill., 22cm Holdings:
Uterine haematocele: experience in the Royal Infirmary by Duncan, James Matthews, 1826-1890 Publication: Edinburgh Oliver and Boyd 1862 . pp.16, 22cm Holdings:
Versuch einer darstellung des kindlichen organismus in physiologisch-, pathologisch- und therapeutischer hinsicht als einleitung zu den offentlichen vorlesungen uber kinderkrankheiten. by Boer, Heinrich Xavier Publication: Wein Camesina 1813 . vi. 125 pages 20cm Holdings:
View of the pelvis, showing the natural size, form, and relations of the bladder, urethra, rectum, uterus, &c. &c. in the infant and in the adult, by Houston, John, 1802-1845 Publication: Dublin Printed by R Graisberry. Sold by Hodges and Smith, and Leckie, Dublin; T. and G. Underwood, London; and Maclachlan and Stewart, Edinburgh 1829 . (2) pages, 3 plates 33cm x 42cm, Holdings:
Vital statistics of Glasgow by Cowan, Robert, 1796-1841 Publication: Glasgow David Robertson 1838 . pp.54, 21cm Holdings:
Von dem mangel, der verkummerung und verdopplung der gebarmutter, von der nachempfangiss und der uberwanderung des eies. by Kussmaul, Adolf, 1822-1902 Publication: Wurzburg Stahelschen Buchhandlung 1859 . viii, 384 pages 23cm Holdings:
What is puerperal fever? by Murphy, Edward William, 1802-1877 Publication: Dublin McGlashan & Gill 1857 . pp.31, 22cm Holdings:
Xi yuan lu ji zheng quan zuan (Complete compilation of collected cases of the washing away of wrongs) by Li, Xuzhou Publication: None given None given None given . pp.(248), ill., 20cm Holdings:
Xiao er tui na guang yi (General treatise on the treatment of children with massage) by Xiong, Yingxiong Publication: [Suzhou] Jin chang shu ye tang None given . pp.(244), ill., 25cm Holdings:
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