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A collection of acts for erecting and establishing public infirmaries or hospitals, and for establishing fever hospitals and dispensaries for the poor of Ireland.   Publication: Dublin His Majesty's Printers 1829 . 193 pages 17cm Holdings:
A commentary on the treatment of ruptures. by Geoghegan, Edward Publication: London Sir Richard Phillips and Co 1810 . 95 pages 24cm Holdings:
A comparative view of fever, and inflammatory complaints; with essays, illustrative of the seat, nature, and origin of fever. by Mills, Thomas, [1773]-1830 Publication: Dublin J. Cumming 1824 . (7), 125 pages 22cm Holdings:
A comparative view of the mortality of the human species, at all ages; and of the diseases and casualties by which they are destroyed or annoyed. Illustrated with charts and tables. by Black, William, 1749-1829 Publication: London C. Dilly 1788 . xvi, 430 pages 24cm Holdings:
A comparative view of the phlogistic and antiphlogistic theories. With inductions. by Higgins, William, 1763-1825 Publication: London J. Murray 1789 . xiv, 316 pages 21cm Holdings:
A Comparative view of the state and faculties of Man with those of the animal world. by Gregory, John, 1724-1773 Publication: Dublin W. Sleater et al. 1778 . (7), xvi, 238 pages 17cm Holdings:
A compendium of practical and experimental farriery by Taplin, William, [1740]-1807 Publication: Dublin John Barlow 1796 . x, 261 pages 21cm Holdings:
A compendium of the practice of medicine. by Grattan, Richard, 1790-1886 Publication: Dublin John Jones 1825 . 269 pages 15cm Holdings:
A complete concordance to the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament. by Cruden, Alexander, 1699-1770 Publication: London D. Midwinter etc. 1738 . [1030] pages 28cm Holdings:
A complete treatise on gangrene and sphacelus; with a new method of amputation. by O'Halloran, Sylvester, 1728-1807 Publication: Limerick A. Welsh (Printer) 1765 . (12), xl, 289, (3) pages 21cm Holdings:
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