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17th annual report of Peamount Sanatorium 1928-29   Publication: Dundalk W. Tempest, Dundalgan Press 1929 . pp.36, ill., , Includes an obituary of Sir William J Thompson 19cm Holdings:
26th annual report, teac Ultain inc., 1944   Publication: Dublin [n.g.] 1945 . pp.24, (12), ill., 19cm Holdings:
57th annual report of the Mercy Hospital (clinical hospital), Cork, for the year 1914   Publication: Cork Guy & Co. Ltd 1914 . pp. 32, ills. 22cm Holdings:
72nd annual report of the Belfast District Lunatic Asylum for the year ending 31st December 190. Also financial tables for the year ended 31st March, 1902   Publication: Belfast W. & G. Baird Limited 1902 . pp. 66, 1 folded plate 22cm Holdings:
A benevolent epistle to Sylvanus Urban, alias John Nicols, printer, common-council man of Farringdon ward and censor-general of literature: not forgetting William Hayley to which is added an elegy to Apollo; also Sir Joseph Banks and the boiled fleas by Pindar, Peter, pseudonym Publication: Dublin William Porter 1790 . pp.32 , Pindar was used as a pseudonym by John Wolcot 23cm Holdings:
A brief account of Mr Valentine Greatraks, and divers of the strange cures by him lately performed. Written by himself in a letter addressed to the Honourable Robert Boyle Esq. by Greatrakes, Valentine, 1628-1683 Publication: London J. Downing 1723 . pp. 95, 19cm Holdings:
A brief account of the rise and progress of the county of Meath Infirmary   Publication: [n.g.] [n.g.] 1754 . pp.8, 20cm Holdings:
A brief account of the sorbutic fever by Curry, John, d.1780 Publication: Dublin Oliver Nelson 1749 . pp. 40 17cm Holdings:
A brief history of municipal public health administration in Dublin by Cameron, Sir Charles Alexander, 1830-1921 Publication: Dublin Hodges, Figgis & Co. Ltd 1914 . pp. 115 25cm Holdings:
A brief history of the ancient Foundling Hospital of Dublin, from the year 1702. With some account of similar institutions abroad. by Wodsworth, William Dudley, [d.1924] Publication: Dublin Alexander Thom 1876 . pp. iv, 57, 22cm Holdings:
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