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Royall Colledge of Physitians in Kilkenny A.D. 1687 by Cameron, Sir Charles Alexander, 1830-1921 Publication: Dublin Dublin Journal of Medical Science 1918 . pp.3, 22cm Holdings:
"A treatise on inflammation" by James Macartney MD   Publication: London S. Highley 1839 . pp.119-142, , Review of Macartney's work, no author given 22cm Holdings:
"Heat waves" and "heat strokes": climatic currents, atmospheric and oceanic by Knott, John Freeman, [1854]-1921 Publication: New York William Wood & Co 1911 . pp.44, 20cm Holdings:
"High Church:" What is it? a few words addressed to thoughtful protestants by Hutton, Vernon W. Publication: London E. Longhurst None given . pp. 16 18cm Holdings:
"No Irish need apply." Boycotting of Irish qualifications by certain English hospitals   Publication: Dublin Walker & Co. 1910 . pp. 12 22cm Holdings:
"Normal" ovariotomy, "female" circumcision, clitoridectomy, and infibulation by Knott, John Freeman, [1854]-1921 Publication: New York A.R. Elliott Publishing Co. 1907 . pp.26, 20cm Holdings:
"The physitians holiday": canicular vacations and Irish health resorts by Knott, John Freeman, [1854]-1921 Publication: Dublin Dublin Journal of Medical Science 1917 . pp.16, 22cm Holdings:
[Edward Bennett's cpntributions to the] Proceedings of the Pathological Society of Dublin by Bennett, Edward Hallaran, 1837-1907 Publication: Dublin John Falconer 1882 . pp 50, ill., , Pages from the proceedings with records of cases presented by Bennett 22cm Holdings:
[Sir Robert Kane]   Publication: London Harrison and Sons 1890 . pp 7, 22cm Holdings:
1. Notes on deep sea dredging. 2. Notes on the bats of the seychelle group of Irelanda 3.Notes on the transportation of living fish from south of the equator to Europe by Wright, Edward Perceval, 1834-1910 Publication: [London] [s.n] 1868 . pp.11, 22cm Holdings:
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