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"Memories". By a hospital nurse. by Stoney, Anna Harriet Publication: Bristol John Wright 1910 . viii, 168 pages 19cm Holdings:
A brief account of Mr Valentine Greatraks, and divers of the strange cures by him lately performed. Written by himself in a letter addressed to the Honourable Robert Boyle Esq. by Greatrakes, Valentine, 1628-1683 Publication: London J. Starkey 1666 . 96 pages 18cm Holdings:
A catalogue of graduates who have proceeded to degrees in the University of Dublin...   Publication: Dublin Hodges, Smith and Foster Various . 5 volumes , Library holds: Vol I - to 1869; Vol II - 1868-1895; Vol III - 1895-1905; Vol IV - 1906-1917; Vol V - 1917-1931; 23cm Holdings:
A catalogue of plants, indigenous and exotic, cultivated in the Botanic Garden belonging to the Dublin Society, at Glasnevin. by Underwood, John Publication: Dublin Graisberry and Campbell 1804 . (4), 134 pages 22cm Holdings:
A centenary history of the Manchester Medical Society by Brockbank, Edward Mansfield, b.1866 Publication: Manchester Sherratt & Hughes 1934 . (7), 101 pages 23cm Holdings:
A century of service. The record of one hundred years, published for the centenary of St. Vincent's Hospital, 23rd January, 1934.   Publication: Dublin Browne and Nolan 1934 . 184 pages 25cm Holdings:
A chronological history of the weather and seasons, and of the prevailing diseases in Dublin. by Rutty, John, 1697-1775 Publication: London Robinson & Roberts 1770 . xlviii, 340 pages , . 21cm Holdings:
A code of instructions for the treatment of sufferers from railroad and steam-boat accidents; sudden attacks of illness, and suspended animation from various causes, until medical aid can be procured. Also, an essay on the cure of diseases, by means of water, exercise, and diet. by Clarke, Sir Arthur, [1773]-1857 Publication: Dublin Alexander Thom 1849 . xvi, 176 pages 22cm Holdings:
A code of medical ethics; by Styrap, Jukes de, 1815-1899 Publication: London J. & A. Churchill 1878 . 47 pages 22cm Holdings:
A code of medical ethics. by Styrap, Jukes de, 1815-1899 Publication: London H. K. Lewis 1890 . 91 pages 21cm Holdings:
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