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Cardio-vascular diseases since harvey's discovery. The harveian oration by Rolleston, Sir Humphry Davy, 1862-1944 Publication: Cambridge Cambridge University Press 1928 . 149 pages 19cm Holdings:
Cardiovascular disease in general practice by East, Charles Frederick Terence, b.1894 Publication: London H.K. Lewis & Co. 1946 . x,198 pages 22cm Holdings:
"Diseases of the heart and aorta" by William Stokes (1854). A modern clinical review by Mulcahy, Risteard, 1923-2016 Publication: Dublin Irish Journal of Medicial Science 1955 . pp.14, 25cm Holdings:
"Honnest Little Harvey"   Publication: . pp.2, 24cm Holdings:
A case of traumatic aneutysm of the heart by French, Herbert, 1875-1951 Publication: . pp.4, ill., 22cm Holdings:
A clinical introduction to heart disease by Bramwell, John Crighton, 1889-1976 Publication: London Oxford University Press 1959 . viii, 229 pages 23cm Holdings:
A famous cardiac controversy: Hope v. Williams by O'Farrell, Patrick Theodore Joseph, 1889-1968 Publication: Dublin Irish Journal of Medical Science 1957 . pp.8, 25cm Holdings:
A honyman Gillespie lecture on the hypertensions by Gilchrist, A Rae Publication: Reprinted from the ''Edinburgh Medical Journal'' 1941 . 782 pages 24cm Holdings:
A practical treatise on the diseases of the heart and great vessels, including the principles of their physical diagnosis. by Walshe, Walter Hayle, 1812-1892 Publication: London Smith, Elder & Co. 1873 . xii, 582 pages 22cm Holdings:
A primer of cardiology by Burch, George Edward, b.1910 Publication: London Henry Kimpton 1947 . 272 pages 24cm Holdings:
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