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100 years of medical murder by Camp, John Michael Francis, b. 1915 Publication: London Triad/Granada 1983 . pp. 224 18cm Holdings:
125 years of caring in Dublin: Our Lady's Hospice, Harold's Cross, 1879-2004 by Healy, Timothy M Publication: Dublin A. & A. Farmar 2004 . pp. viii, 120, ill., 22cm Holdings:
145th Annual report of Monkstown Hospital for 1979 to which is annexed a statement of accounts for the year ended 31 December 1979. List of subscribers, donors, form of bequest, form of subscription (bankers order) etc.   Publication: Dublin University Press 1980 . pp. 24 22cm Holdings:
1767-1967 The bi-centenary of the Down County Infirmary (now Downe Hospital) history thro' 200 years   Publication: Antrim Morecambe Bay Publishers 1967 . pp. 56 22cm Holdings:
1879/1979 St. John of God Brothers 100 years in Ireland   Publication: Dublin St. John of God Brothers 1979 . pp. 63, colour photos , Article written by Fleetwood on old age is in on page 37. 29cm Holdings:
200 years in the caring 1787-1987   Publication: Dublin Our Lady's Hospice 1987 . pp. 32 21cm Holdings:
2000 years of Irish medicine by Lyons, John Benignus, 1922-2007 Publication: Dublin None given 2000 . 160 pages 26cm Holdings:
25 years: an interim history of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland 1963-88 by Mitchell, David Michael Publication: Dublin Royal College of Physicians 1992 . pp. 110, ills (photos) 22cm Holdings:
A 'peculiar' place : the Adelaide Hospital, Dublin: its times, places and personalities, 1839 to 1989 by Mitchell, David Michael Publication: Dublin Blackwater Press 1989 . pp. 336, ills 24cm Holdings:
A book about doctors by Jeaffreson, John Cordy, 1831-1901 Publication: London Hurst and Blackett 1861 . pp. xii, 324, vii, 1 ill. 20cm Holdings:
A case of sympathectomy in the treatment of achalasia of the cardia by Meade, Henry S. Publication: Dublin None given 1939 . pp. 4, 1 plate 25cm Holdings:
A century of service 1800-1980: The story of the development of nursing in Ireland   Publication: Dublin Harcourt Printing & Staionery 1980 . pp. 76 21cm Holdings:
A consulting surgeon in the Near East by Tubby, Alfred Herbert, b. 1862 Publication: London Christophers 1920 . pp. xvi, 279, 16 plates 22cm Holdings:
A dictionary of medicine, Parts I and II, including general pathology, general therapeutics, hygiene and the diseases peculiar to women and children by Quain, Sir Richard, 1816-1898 Publication: London Longmans, Green and Co. 1883 . pp. xviii, 912 | pp. 1816 23cm Holdings:
A doctor's war by MacCarthy, Aidan, 1913-1995 Publication: London Robson Books 1979 . pp. 160 22cm Holdings:
A famous hospitaller and founder Father Benedict Menni (1841-1914) by Burton, Doris Publication: Glasgow John S. Burns & Sons 1962 . pp. 20 19cm Holdings:
A handbook of diseases of the skin   Publication: Dublin C. J. Fallon Limited 1952 . pp. 216 22cm Holdings:
A history of medicine by Guthrie, Douglas, 1885-1975 Publication: London Thomas nelson and Sons Ltd 1945 . pp. xvi, 448, 32 ills (photos) 23cm Holdings:
A history of the Cork medical school 1849-1948 by O'Rahilly, Ronan Publication: Cork Cork University Press 1949 . pp. 69 22cm Holdings:
A History of the Royal College of General Practitioners : the first 25 years by Fry, John, b. 1922 Publication: Lancaster MTP Press Limited 1983 . pp. xiii, 270, ills (plates) Holdings:
A history of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, 1654-1963 by Widdess, John David Henry, 1906-1982 Publication: London E. & S. Livingstone Ltd. 1963 . pp. xii, 255, 10 plates 25cm Holdings:
A history of Trinity College Dublin, 1591-1892 by Maxwell. Constantia, 1886-1962 Publication: Dublin University Press 1946 . pp. xiii, 299, 49 ills 23cm Holdings:
A history of Trinity College, Dublin 1892-1945 by Bailey, Kenneth Claude, b. 1896 Publication: Dublin University Press 1947 . pp. xvii, 272, 47 ills. 23cm Holdings:
A hundred years of district nursing by Stocks, Mary Danvers 1891-1975 Publication: London George Allen & Unwin Ltd. 1960 . pp. 233, 5 plates 22cm Holdings:
A hundred years of medicine by Lloyd, Wyndham Edward Buckley Publication: London Duckworth 1939 . pp. 344 22cm Holdings:
A list of the works of Sir James Young Simpson 1811-1870 a centenary tribute by Russell, Kenneth Fitzpatrick, b.1911 Publication: Melbourne Department of Medical History University of Melbourne 1971 . pp. 57, 1 port. 22cm Holdings:
A medical bulletin - a journal for the profession   Publication: Essex May & Baker Ltd. 1958 . pp. 48, ills 24cm Holdings:
A medical bulletin - a journal for the profession   Publication: Essex May & Baker Ltd 1958 . pp. 88, ills 24cm Holdings:
A medical bulletin - a journal for the profession   Publication: Essex May & Baker Ltd. 1958 . pp. 128, ills 24cm Holdings:
A new missionary development: Medical Missionaries of Mary   Publication: Dublin Richview Press 1944 . pp. 20, photos 24cm Holdings:
A noontide blazing : Brigid Lyons Thornton, rebel, soldier, doctor by Cowell, John, b. 1912 Publication: Dublin Currach Press 2005 . pp. 269, 17 ills. 21cm Holdings:
A note on the history of the care of the insane in Ireland up to the nineteenth century by Kirkpatrick, Thomas Percy Claude, 1869-1954 Publication: Dublin University Press 1931 . pp. 43, ills 24cm Holdings:
A patients guide to chemotherapy by Clarke, Sheila Publication: Dublin Oncology in Ireland 1993 . pp. 25 21cm Holdings:
A portrait of the colonial physician by Bell, Whitfield J Publication: Philadelphia None given 1970 . pp. 497-517 25cm Holdings:
A pride of professors : the professors of medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, 1813-1985 by Lyons, John Benignus, 1922-2007 Publication: Dublin A. & A. Farmar 1999 . pp. ix, 305, ills 22cm Holdings:
A report of a clinical meeting on "General Practice Tomorrow" held at the Rutherford College of Technology, Newcastle Upon Tyne May 1st and 2nd, 1965   Publication: Newcastle upon Tyne College of General Practitioners North East England Faculty 1965 . pp. 71 21cm Holdings:
A sermon intended to have been preached at the publick opening of the chapel of the Lying-In Hospital in Great Britain Street Dublin   Publication: Dublin G. Faulkner 1759 . pp. 37 20cm Holdings:
A short history of medicine, introducing medical principles to students and non-medical readers by Singer, Charles, Joseph Publication: Oxford Clarendon Press 1928 . pp. xxiv, 368, 21 ills. 21cm Holdings:
A short practice of midwifery embodying the treatment adopted in the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin. by Jellett, Henry, 1872-1948 Publication: London J. & A. Churchill 1930 . xv, 662 pages 21 cm Holdings:
A special number   Publication: Drogheda Medical Missionaries of Mary None given Holdings:
A statement of the objectives and organziation of the Association together with a report of the Fifth International Congress of Gerontology   Publication: Michigan University of Michigan 1962 . pp. 48 , Fleetwood is listed as a member of both the Council and Governing Body of the Association 23cm Holdings:
A treatise of meats...and a discourse of the pain in the teeth Thomas Tryon, 1682 by Cohen, Ronald Alban, 1907-2001 Publication: London Staples Press Limited 1949 . pp. 3, 1 port. 25cm Holdings:
A treatise on the venereal disease; being chiefly designed as a translation and abridgment of the practical part of Dr. Astruc's work. by Chapman, Samuel, 1718-1790 Publication: London W. Owen 1770 . pp. 500 21cm Holdings:
A university for Kilkenny : plans for a royal college in the seventeenth century by Leonard, John, b.1942 Publication: Dublin St. Canice's Press 1996 . pp. 71, ills 23cm Holdings:
About your eyes: detached retina   Publication: Dublin National Council for the Blind 1988 . pp. 7, ills 21cm Holdings:
About your eyes: glaucoma in the over forties   Publication: Dublin National Council for the Blind 1988 . pp. 6, ills 21cm Holdings:
Accounching the rotundaties: a guide to the Rotunda 250th anniversary exhibition by Lyons, John Benignus, 1922-2007 Publication: Dublin A. & A. Farmar 1995 . pp. 72, ills 21cm Holdings:
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome AIDS general information for doctors   Publication: Dublin Department of Health 1986 . pp. 13 21cm Holdings:
Acute anterior poliomyelitis by McSweeney, Christopher Joseph, 1899-1953 Publication: Dublin None given 1943 . pp. 12 25cm Holdings:
Adaptive capacities of an aging organism   Publication: Kiev 1968 . pp. 317 22cm Holdings:
Adelaide Hospital: rules for practitioners and nurses   Publication: Dublin Temple Press Ltd. 1944 . pp. 7 21cm Holdings:
Administration generale de l'assistance publique a Paris   Publication: Paris None given 1937 . pp. 63, photos 13x18cm Holdings:
African doctor by Garry, Thomas Gerald, 1850-1956 Publication: London The Book Club 1939 . pp. 284 21cm Holdings:
Aging and organism's physiological systems   Publication: Kiev None given 1969 . pp. 710 22cm Holdings:
Aids to surgical diagnosis by Wakeley, Sir Cecil Pembrey Grey, 1892-1979 Publication: London Bailiere, Tindall & Cox 1932 . pp. 176, ills 16cm Holdings:
Aids, benefit and care for the arthritic patient   Publication: None given Update Publications 1985 . pp. 57, ills , Sponsored by May & Baker as a service to the medical profession 21cm Holdings:
Alexander Graham Bell inventor of the telephone   Publication: New York American Telephone and Telegraph Company None given . pp. 31, ills 23cm Holdings:
Alfred the Great by Durabo, (pseudonym) Publication: London Royal Society of St. George None given . pp. 19 21cm Holdings:
Always another door... by Keay, Douglas, b. 1926 Publication: Suffolk Richard Clay and Company 1958 . pp. vii, 215, ills (photos) 22cm Holdings:
Alzheimer's disease: an increasing challenge in the community   Publication: Forum Clinical Focus Dun Laoghaire 2003 . pp. 19 21cm Holdings:
Among the doctors by Cox, Alfred, b. 1866 Publication: London Christopher Johnson 1950 . pp. 224, ills. 22cm Holdings:
An account of the Schools of Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin, 1789-1948 by Widdess, John David Henry, 1906-1982 Publication: Edinburgh E. & S. Livingstone Ltd. 1949 . pp. vii, 107, 4 plates 25cm Holdings:
An act for the more effectual relief of the destitute poor in Ireland, with prepatory remark and a copious index. by Kidd, John, 1775-1851 Publication: Dublin Milliken & Son 1838 . pp. 143 18cm Holdings:
An enquiry into the causes producing the extraordinary addition to the numbers of insane, together with extended observations on the cure of insanity... To which are annexed, some necessary observations in reply to Doctor Andrew Hallidays "Remarks on the present state of lunatic asylums in Ireland" by Hallaran, William Saunders, d.1825 Publication: Dublin Bristol-Myers Squibb None given . pp. 16, 118 , Facsimile reprint of the original text which was published in 1810, with an introudction written by a Fellow of R.C.P.I 22cm Holdings:
An essay towards the natural, experimental and medicinal history of the mineral waters of Ireland. by Rutty, John, 1697-1775 Publication: Dublin None given 1757 . pp. ix, 478 20cm Holdings:
An index of treatment by various writers by Hilton, Reginald, b. 1895 Publication: Bristol John Wright & Sons Ltd 1948 . pp. xii, 972 25cm Holdings:
An introduction to the Royal Hospital Kilmainham - its architecture, history and restoration   Publication: Dublin Costello Murray and Baumont 1987 . pp. 36, ills. 25cm Holdings:
An Irish doctor remembers by Dowling, Jeremiah Publication: Dublin Clonmore & Reynolds Ltd. 1955 . pp. 99 19cm Holdings:
Anaesthesia and the practice of medicine: historical perspectives by Sykes, Keith, b. 1925 Publication: London Royal Soceity of Medicine Press Limited 2007 . pp. xv, 303, ills 20cm Holdings:
Ancient medical manuscripts during the Middle Ages and their recovery at the end of that period by Phemister, Dallas Burton, 1882-1951 Publication: Chicago None given 1939 . pp. 9 25cm Holdings:
And I shall be healed: the story of a miracle cure   Publication: London Heinemann 1960 . pp. vi, 290, 2 ills (photos) 20cm Holdings:
Andreae Vesalii Bruxellensis, scholae medicorum Patauinae professoris De humani corporis fabrica libri septem by Vesalius, Andreas, 1514-1564 Publication: Brussels Editions Culture et Civilisations: Medicinae Historia 1970 . ix, 659, 37 pages 42cm Holdings:
Andrew Malcolm of Belfast 1818-1856 physician and historian by Calwell, H. G. Publication: Belfast Brough, Cox & Dunn, Limited 1977 . pp. xvii, 139, xxxii, ills 24cm Holdings:
Annual conference and trade exhibition Burlington Hotel Dublin, February 9 & 10, 1983   Publication: Dublin Federated Dublin Voluntary Hospitals 1983 . pp. 68, ills 21cm Holdings:
Annual report of Cork Street Hospital, Dublin for the year ...   Publication: Kilmainham Ardiff 1940 . 3 items , Incomplete: reports for the years 1938, 1939, 1941 33cm Holdings:
Annual report of the Registrar-General 1947   Publication: Dublin The Stationery Office 1947 . pp. xxxvii, 133 24cm Holdings:
Annual reports of the board of superintendence of Dublin hospitals, 1858-1868   Publication: Dublin Alex Thom and Sons 1858 . pp. 304 , First ten annual reports of the Board bound as one volume. Also contains appendices 24cm Holdings:
Appointment for murder. The story of the killing dentist by Bakos, Susan Crain Publication: New York G. P. Putnam's Sons 1988 . pp. 286 23cm Holdings:
Arigo: surgeon of the rusty knife by Fuller, John Grant, 1913-1990 Publication: Hertfordshire Panther 1977 . pp. 253, ills (photos) 18cm Holdings:
Arterial hypertension and coronary insufficency in elderly and old age   Publication: Kiev Unknown 1969 . pp. 342 22cm Holdings:
Arthritis: you and your medicine   Publication: Dublin Viewpoint Publishing Ltd None given . pp. 21, ills 15cm Holdings:
As we lived it by Stack, Sister De Lourdes Publication: Tralee The Kerryman 1980 . pp. 229, ills 21cm Holdings:
Aspects of osteoarthritis   Publication: Dublin Boots Company Ltd. None given . pp. 8, ills 21cm Holdings:
Assessing the needs of old people: how the home visit helps by Rudd, T N Publication: London Medical Practitioners Union 1960 . pp. 4 22cm Holdings:
Away with all pests; an English surgeon in people's China   Publication: London Paul Hamlyn 1969 . pp. 192 22cm Holdings:
Bedside manners: the troubled history of doctors and patients by Shorter, Edward Publication: London Viking 1986 . pp. 317, plates 24cm Holdings:
Bedside manners. An anthology of medical wit and wisdom by Ballantyne, John, d. 2008 Publication: London Virgin Books 1995 . pp. xix, 266 23cm Holdings:
Bernard Spilsbury his life and cases by Browne, Douglas Gordon, 1884-1963 Publication: London George C. Harrap & Co. Ltd. 1951 . pp. 422, ills 23cm Holdings:
Blessed Richard Pampuri born 1897 died 1930, youth leader, soldier, medical doctor, St. John of God Brother by O'Shea, Damien Publication: Dublin St. John of God Brothers 1981 . pp. 12, photos 18cm Holdings:
Blind eye: the terrifying story of a doctor who got away with murder by Stewart, James Bennett, c. 1952- Publication: New York Simon & Schuster 2000 . pp. 334, 17 plates 22cm Holdings:
Blood evidence : a story of true crime in the suburban South   Publication: Arkansas August House, Inc. 1990 . pp. 271 22cm Holdings:
Blood: an epic history of medicine and commerce by Starr, Douglas P. Publication: London Little, Brown and Company 1999 . pp. xiv, 430, plates Holdings:
Body snatchers, stiffs and other ghoulish delights by Drimmer, Frederick, 1916-2000 Publication: New York Citadel Press 1992 . pp. 224 21cm Holdings:
Bodysnatchers: a history of the resurrectionists by Fido, Martin Austin, b. 1939 Publication: London George Weidenfeld & Nicolson Limited 1988 . pp. viii, 184, 17 ills. 22cm Holdings:
Book on the physician himself from graduation to old age. by Cathell, Daniel Webster, 1839-1925 Publication: Philadelphia F. A. Davis Company 1924 . pp. v, 359 24cm Holdings:
Borderlands : essays on literature and medicine in honour of J.B. Lyons by Coakley, Davis Publication: Dublin Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland 2002 . pp. viii, 151, ills. 26cm Holdings:
Breakthrough: the discovery of modern medicines at Janssen by Schwartz, Harry 1919-2004 Publication: New Jersey Skyline Publishing Group 1989 . pp. x, 185, 4 plates 24cm Holdings:
Brief lives of Irish doctors 1600-1965 by Lyons, John Benignus, 1922-2007 Publication: Dublin Blackwater Press 1978 . pp. 182, ill., 25cm Holdings:
British Geriatrics Society handbook 1999   Publication: Middlesex Allen & Hanburys 1999 . pp. 120 21cm Holdings:
Brother Richard Pampuri O.H. born 1897 died 1930, youth leader, soldier, medical doctor, St. John of God Brother by O'Shea, Damien Publication: Dublin St. John of God Brothers 1981 . pp. 12, photos 18cm Holdings:
Burke & Hare by Edwards, Owen Dudley, 1938- Publication: England Polygon Books 1980 . pp. ix, 300, ills. 22cm Holdings:
Burke and Hare by Roughead, William 1870-1952 Publication: London William Hodeg & Company, Ltd. 1921 . pp. xi, 280, 15, 13 ills 22cm Holdings:
Burke and Hare: the true story by Douglas, Hugh, 1928-2003 Publication: London The Quality Book Club 1974 . pp. 190, 13 ills. 22cm Holdings:
By-laws of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland   Publication: Dublin Royal College of Physicians of Ireland 1989 . pp. 22 21cm Holdings:
Caesarean section and its early Australian history by Forster, Frank M C Publication: Melbourne None given 1970 . pp. 16, ills 21cm Holdings:
Cancer curers - or quacks? by Jones, Thomas Llew, 1914-2009 Publication: Dyfed J. D. Lewis & Sons Ltd. 1993 . pp. 128, ills 21cm Holdings:
Care of your eyes through life by Lavery, F. Linton Publication: Dublin Lavery None given . pp. 4 15cm Holdings:
Care to remember: nursing and midwifery in Ireland by Fealy, Gerard M Publication: Cork Mercier Press 2005 . pp. 224 Holdings:
Cecilia Street : the Catholic University School of Medicine 1855-1931. by Meenan, Francis O. C. Publication: Dublin Gill and Macmillan 1987 . xiv, 144 pages 24cm Holdings:
Centenary of Irish province of immaculate conception: concelebrated eucharistic mass of joy in honour of St. John of God   Publication: Dublin Hospitaller Brothers of St. John of God 1979 . pp. 26, music 30cm Holdings:
Centenary of St. Michael's Hospital Dun Laoghaire, 1876-1976 order of mass   Publication: Dublin St. Michael's Hospital 1976 . pp. 10 21cm Holdings:
Charles Darwin - the man as he was by Wilber, Charles Grady, b.1916 Publication: Texas None given 1960 . pp. 104-112 25cm Holdings:
Charles Willoughby, M.D., fellow of the king and queen's college of physicians by Kirkpatrick, Thomas Percy Claude, 1869-1954 Publication: Dublin University Press 1923 . pp. 23 26cm Holdings:
Children's last days by Farmar, Anna Publication: Dublin Town House 1992 . pp. 168 20cm Holdings:
Chiropractic complements your skills in patient care   Publication: London British Chiropractic Association 1994 . pp. 12 21cm Holdings:
Chirurgia e Graeco in Latinum conuersa, Vido Vidio Florentino interprete, cum nonnullis eiusdem Vidij comentariis by Guido, Guidi, (Vidus Vidius), 1509-1569 Publication: Bruxelles Medicinae Historia: Editions culture et civilsation 1971 . 533 pages 37cm Holdings:
Clinical excerpts: a journal of modern therapeutics   Publication: Dublin Bayer Products Ltd. . 3 volums , Library holds run of journals from January 1948 to Autumn 1954. 23cm Holdings:
Clinical paediatrics (the baby) by Collis, William Robert Fitzgerald, 1900?1975 Publication: London William Heinemann 1938 . pp. xi, 460, ills 23cm Holdings:
Clinical report of the Coombe Lying-In Hospital, 1944 by Keelan, Edward A. Publication: Dublin Cahill & Co. Ltd. 1945 . pp. 46 25cm Holdings:
Clitoridectomy - the disastrous downfall of Isaac Baker Brown, F.R.C.S. (1867) by Fleming, John Browne Publication: London None given 1960 . pp. 1017-1034, 1 port 25cm Holdings:
Companion encyclopedia of the history of medicine by Bynum, William F., 1943- Publication: London Routledge 1993 . 2 vol., 24cm Holdings:
Comparative study of ascorbic acid and levels in gastric secretion, blood, urine and saliva by Freeman, Joseph T. Publication: U.S.A. None given 1951 . pp. 224-229 25cm Holdings:
Compendium of the Irish poor law; and general manual for poor law guardians and their officers containing the acts for the relief of the destitute poor in Ireland and the various other enactments connected therewith by Mooney, Thomas Aiskew Publication: Dublin Alex Thom & Co. Ltd 1887 . pp. 1331 22cm Holdings:
Congenital heart disease in general practice by O'Farrell, Patrick Theodore Joseph, 1889-1968 Publication: Dublin None given 1939 . pp. 4 25cm Holdings:
Conquering heart and artery disease by Brown, Richard F. Publication: None given Arterial Disease Foundation 1990 . pp. 83 21cm Holdings:
Conscience and conflict : a biography of Sir Dominic Corrigan, 1802-1880. by O'Brien, Eoin, 1939- Publication: Dublin Glendale Press 1983 . pp. 383, ills 22cm Holdings:
Consulting room: reminiscences of a woman's doctor by Loomis, Frederic 1877-1949 Publication: London J.M Dent & Sons Ltd 1942 . pp. xii, 270 21cm Holdings:
Coombe lying-in hospital Dublin clinical report 1981 by Duignan, Niall Publication: Dublin Cahill printers Ltd. 1982 . pp. 110 25cm Holdings:
Cork Street Fever Hospital pamphlet no. 2 by Moore, Theodore Conyngham Kingsmill, 1893-1979 Publication: Dublin Cahill & Co. Ltd. 1945 . pp. 20 21cm Holdings:
Cork Street Hospital pamphlet no. 1 by Moore, Theodore Conyngham Kingsmill, 1893-1979 Publication: Dublin Cahill & Co. Ltd. 1945 . pp. 7 21cm Holdings:
Culpeper's complete herbal a book of natural remedies for ancient ills by Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654 Publication: Hertfordshire Wordsworth Editions Ltd. 1995 . pp. x, 603 20cm Holdings:
Culpeper's English physician and complete herbal: arranged for use as a first aid herbal by Leyel, Hilda (C.F.), 1890-1957 Publication: London Arco Publications 1961 . pp. 128, ills (col). 22cm Holdings:
Curator of the dead : Thomas Hodgkin (1798-1866) by Rose, Michael Publication: London Petern Owen 1981 . pp. 148 22cm Holdings:
Current work in the history of medicine: an international bibliography   Publication: London Wellcome Historical Medical Library 1964 . pp.66 21cm Holdings:
David D. Davis' obstetric atlas in Tasmania in 1846 Edmund Bowden's gift to Robert Officer by Forster, Frank M C Publication: None given Australian & New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology 1983 . pp. 88-92 27cm Holdings:
David Wilkinson, father of the machine tool industry by Fanning, Leonard M Publication: New York Mercer Publishing Company 1955 . pp. 10, ills 18cm Holdings:
De Iron Trote : Cork Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital 1868-1988 by Wilson, Denis Publication: Cork Litho Press Co. 1989 . 179 pages 21cm Holdings:
Dead and buried? The horrible history of bodysnatching by Adams, Norman, fl. 1972- Publication: Aberdeen Impulse Publications 1972 . pp. iv, 152, 16 plates. 22cm Holdings:
Department of Medical History University of Melbourne: papers presented at a seminar on the history of medicine 13-15 April, 1967   Publication: Sydney Auastralasian Publishing Company Limited 1968 . pp. 167 21cm Holdings:
Der Englische Schweiss des Jahres 1529 in Deutschland. by Puschel, Erich Publication: Weisbaden Franz Steiner Verlag GMBH 1958 . pp. 161-183 24cm Holdings:
Deuxiemes conferences de la Salpetriere 26-27 avril 1979 Maladies vasculaires cerebrales cerebrovascular diseases by Castaigne, Paul Publication: Paris J. Bailliere 1980 . pp. 329 26cm Holdings:
Directory of services: Hospitaller Order of St. John of God   Publication: Dublin Hospitaller Order of St John of God 1981 . pp. 23 21cm Holdings:
Discours de Monsieur Stenon, sur l'anatomie du cerveau: M?essieurs de l'Assemble?, qui se fait chez Monsieur Theuenot by Steno, Nicolaus 1638-1686 Publication: Paris Robert de Ninville 1669 . pp. xiv, 60, 51, ills Holdings:
Discoverers of blood circulation: from Aristotle to the times of Da Vinci and Harvey by Doby, Tibor Publication: London Abelard-Schuman 1963 . pp. xvii, 285, ills 22cm Holdings:
Diseases of the ear, nose and throat by Syme, W S Publication: Edinburgh E. & S. Livingstone 1936 . pp. 68 19cm Holdings:
Diseases of women by ten teachers by White, Clifford Publication: London Edward Arnold & Co. 1938 . pp. xii, 492 23cm Holdings:
Dissecting room ballads from the Dublin schools of medicine fifty years ago by Smith, Daragh Publication: Dublin Black Cat Press 1984 . pp. 19 24cm Holdings:
Dissertatio inauguralis medica de incommodis senectutis by Folger, John George Publication: Vienna Mathiae Andrae Schmidt 1779 . pp. 51 , Submitted as thesis to the University of Vienna 18cm Holdings:
Doctor John: crusading doctor & politician by O'Connell, John, 1930- Publication: Dublin Poolbeg 1989 . pp. 175, ills (photos) 20cm Holdings:
Doctor Mesmer: an historical study by Wydenbruck, Nora 1894-1959 Publication: London John Westhouse 1947 . pp. 208 19cm Holdings:
Doctor Steevens' Hospital: a brief history by Coakley, Patrick Davis, b.1946 Publication: Dublin Doctor Steevens' Hospital Historical Centre 1992 . pp. 52, photos 24cm Holdings:
Doctors : the lives and work of GPs by Gathorne-Hardy, Jonathan Publication: London Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1984 . pp. xi, 308 24cm Holdings:
Doctors don't believe it by Thomen, August Astor, b. 1892 Publication: London J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd. 1938 . pp. 348 21cm Holdings:
Doctors for hire: the notebook of a medical agent by Shaw, Arthur, b. 1901 Publication: London Robert Hale Limited 1958 . pp. 192 22cm Holdings:
Doctors of death by Clarkson, Wensley Publication: New Jersey Barricade Books 1992 . pp. 231, 15 ills 23cm Holdings:
Doctors on trial by Bradshaw, John S. b. 1918 Publication: London Paddington Press 1978 . pp. 320 , Introduction written by Illich 24cm Holdings:
Doctors on trial by Hardwick, Michael, b. 1924 Publication: London Herbert Jenkins 1961 . pp. 192, ills 22cm Holdings:
Documents concerning James Cooke, surgeon of Warwick by Cohen, Ronald Alban, 1907-2001 Publication: Norwich Jarrold & Sons Ltd 1957 . pp. 168-173, ills 25cm Holdings:
Documents, concerning Dr. William Johnston, physician of Warwick by Cohen, Ronald Alban, 1907-2001 Publication: Oxford University Press 1962 . pp. 8 25cm Holdings:
Dr. Bradley remembers by Young, Francis Brett 1884-1954 Publication: London The Book Club 1939 . pp. 745 19cm Holdings:
Dr. James McDonnell, MD (1763-1845) by McDonnell, James, 1763-1845 Publication: None given None given None given . pp. 15 25cm Holdings:
Dr. Kathleen Lynn and maternal medicine by O hOgartaigh, Margaret Publication: Dublin Rathmines, Ranelagh & Rathgar Historical Society 1999 . pp. 24, photos , Read as a lecture to the Society on 25 February 1999. 21cm Holdings:
Dr. Quicksilver 1660-1742: the life and times of Thomas Dover by Strong, Leonard Alfred George, 1896-1958 Publication: London Andrew Melrose 1955 . pp. 184, 16 ills 24cm Holdings:
Dr. Steeven's Hospital Dublin: General directions in case of syphilis   Publication: Dublin Dr. Steeven's Hospital None given . pp. 2 21cm Holdings:
Dr. Steevens' Hospital Dublin report of the governors and statement of accounts for the year ending 31st December 1948   Publication: Dublin Brunswick Press Ltd. 1949 . 16 pages 21cm Holdings:
Drug therapy in the aged   Publication: Kiev Unknown 1968 . pp. 547 21cm Holdings:
Drumcondra medical and Surgical Hospital, Whitworth Road. Report: list of subscribers and donors and statement of accounts for the year ended 31st December 1965   Publication: Dublin Drumcondra Hospital 1965 . pp. 15, photos 20cm Holdings:
Dublin surgery 100 years ago by Doolin, William, 1887-1962 Publication: Dublin None given 1949 . pp. 15 25cm Holdings:
Dublin's contribution to surgery: 1868-1968 by Montgomery, Douglas Publication: London The Practitioner Limited 1968 . pp. 8 , Also delivered at a Symposium for the practitioner whihc was called: Retrospect and Prospect 1868-1968 24cm Holdings:
Dublin's eye & ear : the making of a monument by Crookes, Gearoid P. Publication: Dublin Town House 1993 . xii, 211 Illustrations Holdings:
Dublin's Meath Hospital 1753-1996 by Gatenby, Peter, 1923- Publication: Dublin Town House 1996 . pp. viii, 208, ills (photos) 24cm Holdings:
Dublin's private medical schools by Fleetwood, John, 1917-2007 Publication: Dublin None given 1948 . pp. 1-12 25cm Holdings:
Dublin's Surgeon-Anatomists and other essays by William Doolin by Lyons, John Benignus, 1922-2007 Publication: Dublin Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland 1987 . pp. 222, ill., 22cm Holdings:
Dun's Library in the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland by Kirkpatrick, Thomas Percy Claude, 1869-1954 Publication: Dublin R.T. White 1920 . pp. 11 22cm Holdings:
E. B. Jamieson Anatomist & Shetlander by Eastwood, Jenny Publication: Lerwick, The Shetland Times Ltd 1999 . pp. x, 80, ills 21cm Holdings:
East, west: an Irish doctor's memories by Hamilton, Charles Stewart Parnell Publication: London Christopher Johnson 1955 . pp. 223, ills (photos) 22cm Holdings:
Edinburgh & medicine. by Anderson, Robert, Geoffrey William Publication: Edinburgh Royal Scottish Museum 1976 . pp. 72 20x25cm Holdings:
Eighteenth century medics : subscriptions, licences, apprenticeships by Wallis, Peter John Publication: London Vade-Mecum Press 1988 . pp. xx, 690, 26 pages of ills 30cm Holdings:
Elizabeth Fry by Whitney, Janet 1894-1974 Publication: London british Publishers Guild by George C. Harrap & Company Ltd. 1947 . pp. 256 18cm Holdings:
En gammal sallsynt bok by Essen-Moller, Elis, 1870-1956 Publication: Lund C.W.K. Gleerup 1929 . pp. 6 26cm Holdings:
English medical women glimpses of their work in peace and war by Bennett, Alice Horlock Publication: London Isaac Pitman & Sons Ltd 1915 . pp. ix, 159, 3 ills. 19cm Holdings:
Epidemien im alten island ein beitrag zur seuchengeschichte by Puschel, Erich Publication: Antwerp Ministerie van Nationale Opvoeding en Nederlandse Cultuur. 1966 . pp. 225-238 24cm Holdings:
Essay on the disorders of old age and on the means for prolonging human life by Carlisle, Sir Anthony, 1768-1840 Publication: London Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown 1818 . pp. 110 21cm Holdings:
Essays in honour of J.D.H. Widdess by O'Brien, Eoin, 1939- Publication: Dublin Cityview Press Limited 1978 . pp. vii, 184, 9 ills 21cm Holdings:
Etude anatomique du mouvement du coeur et du sang chez les animaux by Harvey, William, 1578-1657 Publication: Paris G. Doin & Cie 1950 . pp. 224 21cm Holdings:
Exercise and coronary heart disease   Publication: Dublin Irish Heart Foundation None given . pp. 15 21cm Holdings:
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