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81. Elements of midwifery, or the arcana of nature, in the formation and production of the human species elucidated; comprehending an anatomical description of the female organs of generation, with physiological observations in their destined offices. To which are added, instructions to the accoucheur how to proceed in every case that is possible for the foetus to present in utero; together with a full investigation of the causes of those diseases to which women and children are liable, during the first month; with the most rational method of obviating them. by Moore, William Publication: London Printed for the author 1777 . viii, 234 pages 22cm Availability: No items available:
82. Elements of obstetric medicine; with the description and treatment of some of the principal diseases of children. by Davis, David Daniel, 1777-1841 Publication: London Printed for Taylor and Walton 1841 . xx, 1002 pages 23cm Availability: No items available:
83. Elements of operative midwifery; comprising a description of certain new and improved powers for assisting difficult and dangerous labours; illustrated by plates: with cautionary strictures on the improper use of instruments. by Davis, David Daniel, 1777-1841 Publication: London Printed for Hurst, Robinson, & Co. 1825 . 345 pages 27cm Availability: No items available:
84. Elements of practical midwifery; or, companion to the lying-in room. by Waller, Charles, 1802-1862 Publication: London S. Highley 1831 . pp. xvi, 199, 3 plates 16cm Availability: No items available:
85. The elements of practical obstetricy; consisting of aphorisms on the application and use of the forceps and vectis; on preternatural labours; on labours attended with haemorrhage, convulsions etc. by Denman, Thomas, 1733-1815 Publication: London Joseph Butler 1838 . vii, 72 pages 16cm Availability: No items available:
86. Elements of the practice of midwifery. by Hamilton, Alexander, 1739-1802 Publication: London J. Murray 1775 . vii, 293 pages 22cm Availability: No items available:
87. Embryologia sagrada, o tratado de la obligacion que tienen los curas, confesores, medicos, comrades, y otras personas, de cooperar a la salvacion de los ninos que aun no han nacido, de los que nacen al parecer muertos, de los abortivos, de los montruos, &c. by Cangiamila, Francesco Emmanuele, 1702-1763 Publication: Madrid Pedro Marin 1774 . 2 volumes 21cm Availability: No items available:
88. Epistola historiam exhibens foetus humani post XXI. Menses ex uteri tuba, matre salva ac superstite, excisi. Ad ampliff. virum D.D. Thomam Millington by Cyprian, Abraham, [1660-1718] Publication: Lugduni Batavorum Jordanum Luchtmans 1700 . 94 pages 19cm Availability: No items available:
89. An epitome of obstetrical diagnosis and treatment in general practice. by Solomons, Bethel Albert Herbert, 1885-1965 Publication: London John Bale, Sons & Danielsson 1933 . (8), 138 pages 17cm Availability: No items available:
90. Essai sur la theorie et la pratique des accouchemens by Dufay, P. Publication: Paris Chez l'auteur 1811 . vii, 220 pages 22cm Availability: No items available: