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11. A collection of preternatural cases and observations in midwifery. Completing the design of illustrating his first volume, on that subject. by Smellie, William, 1697-1763 Publication: Dublin T. and J. Whitehouse 1765 . 2 vol., 18cm Availability: No items available:
12. A compendium of midwifery, under the three general heads of theory, practice and diseases.; with an appendix, containing, a short essay on the virtues and operations of uterine medicines, and on the powers of opium and musk, and a formula of prescriptions, or pharmacopoeia obstetricaria. by Cooper, Thomas Publication: [Place of publication not identified] [Publisher not identified] 1766 . viii, 300 pages 20cm Availability: No items available:
13. The compleat midwife's practice enlarged, in the most weighty and high concernments of the birth of man. Containing a perfect directory, or rules for midwives and nurses. As also a guide for women in their conception, bearing and nursing of children: from the experience of our English authors. by Pechey, John, 1655-1716 Publication: London H. Rhodes 1698 . pp. 351, 14 plates Availability: No items available:
14. The compleat practice of men and women midwives, or the true manner of assisting a woman in child-bearing: illustrated with a considerable number of observations. by Portal, Paul, 1630-1703 Publication: London H. Clark 1705 . 245 pages 20cm Availability: No items available:
15. De foeminarum ovis historicae atque physicae lucubrationes. by Drelincourt, Charles, 1633-1697 Publication: Lugd. Batau. Apud Danielem a Gaesbeeck 1687 . (9), 190 pages 14cm Availability: No items available:
16. De l'indecence aux hommes d'accoucher les femmes, et de l'obligation aux femmes de nourrir leurs enfans. Pour montrer par des raisons de physique, de morale, & de medecine, que les meres n'exposeroient ni leurs vies ni celles de leurs enfans, en se passant ordinairement d'accoucheurs & de nourrices by Hecquet, Philippe, 1661-1737 Publication: Trevoux S. A. S. 1708 . 145 pages 16cm Availability: No items available:
17. De universa muliebrium morborum medicina by Castro, Rodrigo de, 1546-1627 Publication: Coloniae Agrippinae Servatius Noethen 1689 . (16), 226, (45), 524, (44). pages 20cm Availability: No items available:
18. A defence of the cesarean operation, with observations on embryulcia, and the section of the symphysis pubis. by Hull, John, [1761]-1843 Publication: Manchester R. and W. Dean 1798 . 229 pages 22cm Availability: No items available:
19. Description anatomique des parties de la femme, qui servent a la generation; by Palfijn, Jan, 1650-1730 Publication: Leide Bastiaan Schouten 1708 . pp. 72, 366, 5 folding plates, ill., 21cm Availability: No items available:
20. Dissertatio inauguralis medica de gravidarum morbis by Magrath, Thomas Aquinas Publication: Vienna Schulz 1763 . pp.48, 18cm Availability: No items available: