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51. An inaugural address delivered at the opening of the Dublin Students' Medico-Chirurgical Society, on Wednesday, January 9, 1850. by Murray, Robert Publication: Dublin Browne and Nolan 1850 . pp. 14, 21cm Availability: No items available:
52. Index to English speaking students who have graduated at Leyden University. by Peacock, Edward, 1831-1915 Publication: London Index Society 1883 . vi, 107 pages 23cm Availability: No items available:
53. An introduction to medical literature, including a system of practical nosology by Young, Thomas, 1773-1829 Publication: London Underwood and Blacks 1813 . xxii, 586 pages 22cm Availability: No items available:
54. The introductory address delivered at the London Hospital Medical College, at the opening of the session 1857-1858. by Wordsworth, John Cawood Publication: London Effingham Wilson 1857 . pp. 16, 21cm Availability: No items available:
55. Introductory lecture addressed to the students in the School of Physic, on Monday, 7th of January, 1833 by Lendrick, Charles Richard Alexander, [1792]-1841 Publication: Dublin Hodges and Smith 1833 . pp.21, 19cm Availability: No items available:
56. An introductory lecture to a course of surgery, delivered at the Richmond School of Medicine, Dublin, on the 8th day of January, 1827 by Carmichael, Richard, 1779-1849 Publication: London Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green. 1827 . pp. viii, 51, 21cm Availability: No items available:
57. Introductory lecture to the course on the practice of physic, delivered in the School of Medicine, Park-Street, Dublin, on 8th November, 1843. by Duncan, James Foulis, 1812-1895 Publication: Dublin William Curry, Jun. and Co 1843 . pp. 22, 21cm Availability: No items available:
58. Introductory lecture to the practice of physic, read the 4th of November, 1833, at the opening of the Eccles-Street School of Medicine and Surgery. by Stoker, William, 1773-1848 Publication: Dublin Richard Davis Webb 1833 . 23 pages 22cm Availability: No items available:
59. The Irish School of Medicine as it is and as it ought to be. An address introductory to a course on pathological anatomy and histology in relation to the practice of medicine and surgery, delivered at the Royal Cork Institution. by Holland, Thomas S Publication: Cork George Purcell & Co 1853 . pp. 23, 21cm Availability: No items available:
60. Is it true? An address delivered in the theatre of the Meath Hospital and Co. Dublin Infirmary on Monday, October 3, 1890 by Smyly, Philip Crampton, 1838-1904 Publication: Dublin John Falconer 1890 . pp.17, 21cm Availability: No items available: