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41. Regulations relating to a) the pre-registration examination in chemistry and physics; this examination must be passed previous to commencement of medical study. b) the professional examination in elementary biology. This examination may be passed immediately after registration as a student of medicine   Publication: Dublin G. F. healy & Co. Ltd. 1926 . pp. 9 20cm Availability: No items available:
42. Regulations for the examination for the diploma in psychological medicine   Publication: Dublin None given 1924 . pp. 7 20cm Availability: No items available:
43. Programme of examinations   Publication: Dublin J. Atkinson & Co. 1892 . pp. 1 27cm Availability: No items available:
44. Regulations for the examinations for the licences in medicine, surgery and midwifery   Publication: Dublin None given 1917 . pp. 28 21cm Availability: No items available:
45. Report of the committee to consider the constitution of the conjoint examining boards   Publication: Dublin None given 1915 . pp. 5 26cm Availability: No items available:
46. Statement of H. J. Broomfield, F.R.C.S.I., to President and Council, Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland by Broomfield, Humphrey John Publication: Dublin Browne and Nolan 1889 . pp.14 21cm Availability: No items available:
47. An address to the students of physic, relative to the present state of the school of physic in this kingdom by Hill, Edward, 1741- 1830 Publication: Dublin None given 1803 . pp. 115 20cm Availability: No items available:
48. Observations on the necessity of regulating the medical professions with remarks on Dr. Dickson's pamphlet and on the system of the College of Physicans by Geoghegan, Edward Publication: Dublin H. Fitzpatrick 1795 . pp. iv, 36 21cm Availability: No items available:
49. Sketches of the medical profession in Ireland. No. XVIII. reduction of the present term of medical graduation in the university of Dublin considered by Erinensis (Pseudonym) Publication: London None given 1827 . pp. 335-340, 493-528 Availability: No items available:
50. Report of the appeal made by Dr Lendrick against the election of Dr. Grattan, King's Professor of the Practice of Medicine by MacCabe, William Bernard Publication: Dublin A. Thom 1829 . 38 pages 22cm Availability: No items available: