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1. Demonstratio medico-practica prognosticorum Hippocratis, ea conferendo cum aegrotorum historiis in libro primo et tertio epidemiorum descriptis. by Cope, Henry Publication: Dublin University Press 1736 . xvi, 320 pages 20cm Availability: No items available:
2. The foundation of provincial medical education in England and of the Manchester School in particular. by Brockbank, Edward Mansfield, b.1866 Publication: Manchester Manchester University Press 1936 . xi, 192 pages 22cm Availability: No items available:
3. Medical practitioners in the diocese of London, licensed under the Act of 3 Henry VIII, c.11: an annotated list 1529-1725. by Bloom, James Harvey, b.1860 Publication: Cambridge Cambridge University Press 1935 . (8), 98 pages 19cm Availability: No items available:
4. A pox on the provinces by Rolls, Roger (editor) Publication: Bath Bath University Press 1990 . 222 pages , Milton's Dublin editor: Edward Hill, MD by J B Lyons 25cm Availability: No items available:
5. Proceedings of the Pathological Society of Dublin   Publication: Dublin University Press 1862 . 3 Vols , Complete: New Series 1862 (vol 1) - 1868 (vol 3) | Published infrequently, volumes published 1862, 1865 & 1868 22cm Availability: No items available:
6. Trench fever. Report of Commission. Medical Research Committee.   Publication: Oxford Oxford University Press 1918 . viii, 446 pages 28cm Availability: No items available:
7. Roll of commissioned officers in the medical service of the British Army by Johnston, William, 1843-1914 Publication: Aberdeen University Press 1917 . lxxii, 638 pages 27cm Availability: No items available:
8. History and regulations of the School of Physic in the University of Dublin, and list of medical graduates   Publication: Dublin University Press 1869 . pp.44, , Part of first page is missing 18cm Availability: No items available:
9. Some chapters of Cork medical history by Cummins, Nicholas Marshall Publication: Cork Cork University Press 1957 . pp. ix, 117 21cm Availability: No items available:
10. The worst of evils: the fight against pain by Dormandy, Thomas Publication: London Yale University Press 2006 . pp. xi, 547, ills 24cm Availability: No items available: