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151. A letter to the public on the necessity of anatomical pursuits; with reference to popular prejudices, and to the principles on which legislative interference in thse matters ought to proceed by Thompson, Corden Publication: London John Taylor 1830 . pp.92, 22cm Availability: No items available:
152. The works of Aristotle the famous philosopher: containing his complete masterpiece, and family physician, his experienced midwife, his book of problems, his remarks on physiognomy, and his last legacy by Aristotle, 384-322 BC Publication: London Mathieson & Co. Ltd 1870 . pp. 516, ill., 12cm Availability: No items available:
153. Geburtshulflicher Atlas. Explanation of the obstetric atlas of Dr. H. F. Kilian... Parts I and II   Publication: London H. Bailliere 1840 . 32 pages, 23 plates 72cm Availability: No items available:
154. Applied anatomy by M'Lachlan, John Publication: Edinburgh E. & S. Livingstone 1908 . x, 528 pages , Incomplete set: only Volume II is present. 20 cm Availability: No items available:
155. The appendix to Dr. Drake's anthropologia nova; or, new system of anatomy. by Drake, James, 1667-1707 Publication: London William and John Innys 1728 . (2),95,(1) pages 20 cm Availability: No items available:
156. The morbid anatomy of the brain, in typhous fever, with a few observations on its nature, and mode of treatment. by Mills, Thomas, [1773]-1830 Publication: Dublin John Cumming 1817 . 26 pages 21 cm Availability: No items available:
157. Observations, anatomical and physiological by Monro, Alexander, 1733-1817 Publication: Edinburgh Printed by Hamilton, Balfour & Neill 1758 . 80 pages 21cm Availability: No items available:
158. The Dublin Dissector or manual anatomy by Harrison, Robert, 1796-1858 Publication: Dublin Printed for Hodges and Smith 1831 . xi, 514 pages 19cm Availability: No items available:
159. A system of anatomy and physiology. by Fyfe, Andrew, 1754-1824 Publication: Edinburgh Printed for Charles Elliot 1787 . 3 volumes 21cm Availability: No items available:
160. Medical anatomy by Sibson, Francis, 1814-1876 Publication: London John Churchill 1869 . (6) pages, 3 plates , Incomplete, pages missing 55cm Availability: No items available: