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131. Anatomie des parties de la generation de l'homme et de la femme, by d'Agoty, Jacques Fabien Gautier, 1717-1785 Publication: Paris Chez J. B. Brunet & Demonville 1773 . 34 pages 48cm Availability: No items available:
132. The bones and ligaments of the human body; by Quain, Jones, 1796-1865 Publication: London Printed for Taylor and Walton 1842 . 103 pages, 30 plates 52cm Availability: No items available:
133. Engravings, illustrative of a work on the nature and treatment of the distortions to which the spine and the bones of the chest are subject. by Shaw, John, 1792-1827 Publication: London Printed for London, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green 1824 . 47 pages 55cm Availability: No items available:
134. De fabrica pulmonum commentatio a regia academia scientiarm Berolinensi praemio ornata by Reisseisen, Franz Daniel, 1773-1828 Publication: Berolini Apud Augustum Rucker 1822 . 23 pages , Parallel title and text in German 55cm Availability: No items available:
135. The anatomy and surgical treatment of inguinal and congential hernia. by Cooper, Sir Astley Paston, 1768-1841 Publication: London Printed for T. Cox 1804 . vi, (1), 60, (11) pages 57cm Availability: No items available:
136. Demonstrationum anatomico-pathologicarum by Camper, Petrus, 1722-1789 Publication: Amstelaedami Joann Schreuder et Petrum Mortier 1760 . (4), 22, (2) pages ; (4), 22, (2) pages , 2 volumes in bound together 69cm Availability: No items available:
137. Vasorum lymphaticorum corporis humani historia et ichnographia by Mascagni, Paolo, 1755-1815 Publication: Senis Ex typographia Pazzini Carli 1787 . 138 pages, 27 plates, 62cm Availability: No items available:
138. The anatomy of the horse by Blaine, Delabere Pritchett, 1770-1845 Publication: London Sampson Low None given . 9 volumes , Parts 4,5 and 6 missing 60cm Availability: No items available:
139. The second fasciculus of anatomical drawings selected from the collections of morbid anatomy in the Army Medical Museum at Chatham   Publication: London Printed by Richard Taylor 1834 . (18) pages, 9 plates 54cm Availability: No items available:
140. A fasciculus, containing nine lithographic anatomical drawings; from preperations in the museum of the army medical department at Chatham   Publication: London Published by Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green 1824 . 11 pages, 9 plates 59cm Availability: No items available: