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1. Abbildungen aus dem Gesammtgebiete der theoretisch-praktischen Geburtshulfe, nebst beschreibender Erklarung derselben. Mit theilweiser Beibehaltung der Abbildungen des Maygrier. by Siebold, Eduard Caspar Jakob von, 1801-1861 Publication: Berlin Friedrich August Herbig 1835 . iv, ii, iv, 393 pages, 90 plates 26cm Availability: No items available:
2. The accoucheur's Vade Mecum. by Hopkins, Joseph Publication: London Highley and Son. 1820 . 2 volumes 17cm Availability: No items available:
3. The accoucheur's vademecum; or, guide to the practice of midwifery. by Burke, Thomas Travers Publication: London Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. 1848 . l, 450 pages 18cm Availability: No items available:
4. The birth of man-kinde; otherwise named, the womans booke. by Rosslin, Eucharius, d.1526 Publication: London A. H. 1634 . 204 pages 18cm Availability: No items available:
5. The birth of man-kinde; otherwise named, the womans booke. by Raynalde, Thomas, fl.1540-1551 Publication: London Richard Watkins 1598 . 202 pages 20cm Availability: No items available:
6. Child-birth, or the happy delivery of women. Wherein is set down the government of women in the time of their bredding childe, of their travaile, both naturall and contrary to nature: and of their lying in. Together with the diseases, which happen to women in those times, and the meanes to helpe them. With a treatise on the nursing of children. To which is added a treatise on the diseases of infants, and young children: with the cure of them, and also of the small pox. by Guillemeau, Jacques, [1550]-1613 Publication: London Anne Griffin 1635 . 247, 118 pages 18cm Availability: No items available:
7. The clinical guide or a concise view of the leading facts, on the history, nature, and treatment of the various diseases that form the subject of midwifery, by Nisbet, William, 1759-1822 Publication: London J. Johnson 1800 . xvi, 348 pages 20cm Availability: No items available:
8. A compendious system of midwifery, chiefly designed to facilitate the inquiries of those who may be pursuing this branch of study. by Dewees, William Potts, 1768-1841 Publication: London John Miller 1825 . xii, 628 pages, 14 plates 24cm Availability: No items available:
9. The compleat midwife's companion: or, the art of midwifry improv'd. by Sharp, Jane Publication: London John Marsall 1725 . xii, 14-243 pages 16 cm Availability: No items available:
10. Contributions to medicine and midwifery. by Beatty, Thomas Edward, 1801-1872 Publication: Dublin Fannin & Co 1866 . xv, 651 pages 23cm Availability: No items available: