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1. American medical botany, being a collection of the native medicinal plants of the United States, containing their botanical history and chemical analysis, and properties and uses in medicine, diet and the arts, with coloured engravings by Bigelow, Jacob, 1786-1879 Publication: Boston Cummings and Hilliard 1817 . 3 volumes 26cm Availability: No items available:
2. Amoenitates academicae seu dissertationes botanicae antehac seorsim editae, nunc primum methodice dispositae & auctae, cum tabulis ceneir by Linne, Carl von, 1707-1778 Publication: Coloniae-Allobrogum Sumptibus Piestre & Delamolliere 1786 . 2 volumes 20cm Availability: No items available:
3. Amoenitates academicae seu dissertationes variae physicae, medicae botanicae antehac seorsim editae. by Linne, Carl von, 1707-1778 Publication: Erlangae Sumtu Jo. Jacobi Palm 1785 . 10 volumes , Volumes i-ii are from the third edition (1787), volumes iii-vii are from the second edition (1787-89) and volumes viii-x from the 1st edition (1785-90) 20cm Availability: No items available:
4. Antiquitatum botanicarum by Sprengel, Kurt Polycarp Joachim, 1766-1833 Publication: Lipsiae Impensis Bibliopolii Schaferiani 1798 . viii, 110 pages 24cm Availability: No items available:
5. A botanical arrangement of British plants by Withering, William, 1741-1799. Publication: Birmingham Printed by Swinney and Walker 1787 . 3 volumes , Volume 3 remainder of title: including a new set of references to figures partly by the author partly and by Jonathan Stokes, M.D 22cm Availability: No items available:
6. The botanical cultivator by Sweet, Robert, 1783-1835 Publication: London James Ridgway 1821 . 528 pages 23cm Availability: No items available:
7. A botanical dictionary: or elements of systematic and philosophical botany. by Milne, Colin, d.1815 Publication: London Printed by T. Lowndes 1778 . (522) pages , Includes A supplement to the Botanical dictionary by Colin Milne 19cm Availability: No items available:
8. Botanical miscellany; containing figures and descriptions of such plants as recommend themselves by their novelty, rarity, or history, or by the uses to which they are applied in the arts, in medicine, and in domestic oeconomy; together with occasional botanical notices and information by Hooker, Sir William Jackson, 1785-1865 Publication: London John Murray 1830 . 3 volumes 27cm Availability: No items available:
9. A botanical nomenclator. by Forsyth, William, 1772-1835. Publication: London Printed for T. Cadell and P. Elmsly 1794 . vii, 550, (80) pages 22cm Availability: No items available:
10. Botany by McNab, William Ramsay, 1844-1889 Publication: London Longmans, Green & Co. 1879 . xiv, 193 pages 16cm Availability: No items available: