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1. Case of folie a deux by Nolan, Michael James, [1859]-1944 Publication: Lewes South Counties Press Ltd 1889 . pp.9, 22cm Availability: No items available:
2. Cases of Insanity, with medical, moral, and philosophical observations and essays upon them. by Allen, Matthew, d.1845 Publication: London George Swire 1831 . pp. viii,212 8vo 23cm Availability: No items available:
3. Chapters in the history of the insane in the British isles by Tuke, Daniel Hack, 1827-1895 Publication: London Kegan Paul, Trench & Co 1882 . x, 548, 44 pages 21cm Availability: No items available:
4. Clinical facts and reflections; also, remarks on the impunity of murder in some cases of presumed insanity by Mayo, Thomas, 1790-1871 Publication: London Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans 1847 . vii, 217 pages 24cm Availability: No items available:
5. Commentaries on the causes, forms, symptoms, and treatment, moral and medical, of insanity by Burrows, George Man, 1771-1846 Publication: London Thomas and George Underwood 1828 . xv, 716 pages 22cm Availability: No items available:
6. Copy of Report from the Lords Committees appointed to examine the physicians who have attended His Majesty during his illness, touching the state of His Majesty's health.   Publication: [Place of publication not identified] [Publisher not identified] 1789 . 15, 22, 169 pages 28cm Availability: No items available:
7. De la folie consideree sous le point de vue Pathologique, Philosophique, Historique et Judiciaire, depuis la Renaissance des Sciences en Europe jusqu'au dix-neuvieme siecle. by Calmeil, Louis Florentin, 1798-1895 Publication: Paris J.-B. Bailliere 1845 . 2 volumes 22cm Availability: No items available:
8. De l'Irritation et de la folie, ouvrage dans lequel les rapports du physique et du moral sont etablis sur les bases de la medecine physiologique. by Broussais, Francois Joseph Victor, 1772-1838 Publication: Paris J.-B. Bailliere 1839 . 2 volumes 22cm Availability: No items available:
9. De lunatico inquirendo: Report of the proceedings taken on an inquiry, under a writ de lunatico inquirendo, in the case of Robert Parsons Persse, of Castleboy, in the county of Galway, esq.;   Publication: Dublin Richard Milliken 1829 . pp.v, 147, 22cm Availability: No items available:
10. Des causes morales et physiques des maladies mentales by Voisin, Felix, 1794-1872 Publication: Paris J.-B. Bailliere 1826 . xvi, 418 pages 22cm Availability: No items available: