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1. Description of The Retreat, an institution near York for insane persons of the Society of Friends. by Tuke, Samuel, 1784-1857 Publication: York W. Alexander 1813 . 227, (1) pages 23cm Availability: No items available:
2. An enquiry into the causes producing the extraordinary addition to the numbers of insane, together with extended observations on the cure of insanity; by Hallaran, William Saunders, d.1825 Publication: Cork Edwards & Savage 1810 . pp.vii, 111, (7), 24cm Availability: No items available:
3. An essay on the use and abuse of restraint in the management of the insane, including some remarks on the origin and nature of their disease. with copious notes. by Labatt, Hamilton, d.1881 Publication: Dublin Hodges and Smith 1847 . xii, 76 pages 23cm Availability: No items available:
4. A general view of the present state of lunatics, and lunatic asylums, in Great Britain and Ireland, and in some other kingdoms by Halliday, Sir Andrew, 1781-1839 Publication: London Thomas & George Underwood 1828 . 101 pages 24cm Availability: No items available:
5. Hospitals and asylums of the world by Burdett, Sir Henry C., 1847-1920 Publication: London J. & A. Churchill 1891 . 2 volumes 27cm Availability: No items available:
6. Mad-houses. Observations on the Act for regulating mad-houses, and a correction of the statements of the case of Benjamin Elliott, convicted of illegally confining Mary Daintree; with remarks addressed to the friends of insane persons. by Parkinson, James, 1755-1824 Publication: London Sherwood, Neeley, and Jones 1811 . 48 pages 22cm Availability: No items available:
7. Observations and suggestions on the management of the Maryborough district lunatic asylum. by Jacob, John Publication: Dublin P. Dixon Hardy 1833 . 64 pages 24cm Availability: No items available:
8. Observations on the deranged manifestations of the mind, or insanity by Spurzheim, Johann Gaspar, 1776-1832 Publication: London Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy. 1817 . viii, 312 pages 26cm Availability: No items available:
9. Observations on the management of madhouses, illustrated by occurances in the West Riding and Middlesex asylums by Crowther, Caleb, 1772-1849 Publication: London Simpkin, Marshall, and Co 1838 . 145 pages 20cm Availability: No items available:
10. On the construction and management of hospitals for the insane; with a particular notice of the institution at Siegburg. by Jacobi, Maximilian, 1775-1858 Publication: London John Churchill 1841 . lxxx, 299 pages 23cm Availability: No items available: